Afriqiyah Airways FLEET

Afriqiyah Airways operate a very modern all Airbus fleet. It started its operations with five leased planes and then signed a contract with the Airbus Company during the Paris Flight Exhibition in 2007 for the purchase of 11 new planes including the 5 (A-320) and 6 (A 350) models in addition to the right to purchase 4 further types of the same plane.

The entire Afriqiyah Airways consists of modern Airbus 320 – 200 , A319-111 & A330-200 aircrafts. All planes are painted in the colors Red, Green, Yellow and Black; the colors of Africa and Afriqiyah Airways and carry the number 9.9.99 referring to the birth date (September 9, 1999) of the African Union, for which this airline service was created in the first place.

The specifications of various aircraft in our operating fleet as of May 25 2009 are given below.

Aircraft Origin Seat Capacity
Airbus A320 – 200 Toulouse, France 126 Economy + 16 Business Class
Airbus A319 – 111 Toulouse, France 96 Economy + 16 Business Class
Airbus A330 – 200 Toulouse, France 200 Economy + 30 Business Class


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